How did we get here…?

[ Stardate 6-28-15.]

It’s fun to revisit some of our old words.  I began this blog a few years ago, and it’s been interesting.  It’s also wonderful to go back through and read some of the changes and remember a specific time.  I’m restructuring a bit now that I have a splendid amount of time to write.  Since it’s inception I had wanted this blog to develop into a fictional outlet for me.  A place to create or retell stories.  It seems however the only story being told is mine!  I’m changing things up a bit.  I have created a new blog at where I will be focusing more on positive changes, growth, stepping out of our comfort zones etc., etc.  This will also free me up to be more creative here.  Working on two blogs may seem daunting for me at first but I need the separation, I need to compartmentalize for just a few moments.  It helps me stay a bit more focused on One Thing!  I hope you have enjoyed this blog so far, and I suspect it may see some changes.  I’ve created a new page within it for fiction ( there’s nothing in it yet!!) and will continue the personal story as well!

Please feel free to read on through my first “About” section below.  I didn’t really want to change it, but just add a bit of an addendum!



[Stardate 9-30-2012]

What is this blog about?

Well I think that is exactly what this blog is about… trying to find what it is all about.  I think back to “42”, which is in reference to Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,  42 is the answer.   The question was well….”you know… life,…..the universe,……everything.”

It’s quite possibly an exploration of the past and how it affects our present and perhaps the future.  The answer simply is I don’t know, I’m mumbling and bumbling about trying to figure out something that quite possible has no direct answer, and may not even be relevant.

I have however, become more determined than ever, to understand where I have come from, where I am, and how to become a better man today than I was yesterday. How to give more fully, receive more graciously, and celebrate my years instead of dreading the aging process.  The only thing an inter galactic hitchhiker needs is a towel…. well and perhaps the guide.  “Don’t Panic”… I don’t have a guide either.

What I do know is as a writer I put down the pen a long time ago, and it has been difficult to pick it back up.  I know that I had gotten so wrapped up in the usual vocations of life that I forgot what I was living it for.  I know the passions I held deep, seemingly dried up at the lack of exposure.

Hence, I am writing something.  It may be about nothing that interests you, and that is fine, because I am writing this for me.  This is my commitment to myself, a small reminder to  myself everyday to think, feel, speak, touch, smell ….live!  To live life everyday like it’s the last.  To revel in the beauty of nature again.  To exert passion outward.  To remind myself that I’m just getting started!

So as I wrote briefly about in the first portion of my blog, you probably ended up here for a reason.  It’s our paths crossing in this amazing forest of life.  That may be because you have something to teach me, or maybe something I can teach you.  This is the glory of the universe… the not knowing!

Either way, I hope you find something that entertains, amuses or helps you in some way.  I thank you for taking the time to read, and I’ll see you when our forest paths cross again!





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